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Print Form Reset Form SEND TO ESTIMATICS UNIT - Fax Phone SUPPLEMENT REQUEST REQUESTING SHOP INFORMATION Shop Name Office Phone VEHICLE INFORMATION Claim Number Shop Address/Location Owner Name Phone Vehicle year Fax Original Estimator Contact Person Date of Original Estimate Is vehicle ready for inspection Yes Make Model No SUPPLEMENT INFORMATION REPAIR REPLACE DESCRIPTION PRICE LABOR HRS REF HRS PAINT MAT L ITEMS NOT NEEDED Comments / Approval NOTICE PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL The information...
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& MATF DESCRIPTION PRICE LABOR HRS REF HRS PAINT & MATM DESCRIPTION PRICE LABOR HRS REF HRS PAINT & MATH DESCRIPTION PRICE LABOR HRS REF HRS LABOR HRS REF HRS PAINT & MATF REPAIR REPLACE DESCRIPTION PRICE PAINT & MATF PAIN RELIEF DESCRIPTION PRICE LABOR HRS REF HRS LABOR HRS REF HRS Mileage, Speed, Trip Information: A Mileage is a number that tells you how far you've been going along your trip. The information is expressed in knots: km/h (knots per hour), miles per day, horsepower (hp), etc. Speed: Speed is expressed in miles per hour, knots per hour. This speed is used when the vehicle is travelling faster than the current speed limit or when weather conditions are unsafe, resulting in unsafe or slow speeds. The speed at which the vehicle will stop is called the Brake Speed (Knot Speed). The Brake Speed is displayed on a speedometer or speed reading. At the top of the speedometer are three colored lights: green to green, amber to green, or red to amber. These lights turn on when the vehicle is approaching or exceeding the prescribed brake speed. Trip Information: This information includes: The vehicle information above, followed by information such as: - Location - Type of vehicle - Year of manufacture - Model type - Mileage - Time since last service - Fuel usage - Date & time - Fuel consumption - Transmission type - Drive train length - Engine power. - Vehicle make, model, and year of last service. Please Note: The information will be shown only when the vehicle has been serviced. Price: This is the price you would have to pay for the vehicle. If the vehicle is not available, the price shown is for the vehicle without being available. An approximate price will be included on the invoice for vehicles purchased before the inspection to account for an added value from the dealer or the government. A price is considered a minimum price so that buyers know what purchase price is acceptable before they commit to the vehicle and buy the car. Additional Information: Vehicle identification numbers (VIN) are located
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We have all stated they had they called this homeowner three times this would tell them how big of a scam artist we are and where we're overcharging, and we're not sending them photos all more to rid us a hamlet and letter it says listen here I'm tired of your shit I'm tired of your lies I'd, you know these just do what the contractor says, so I can get my house done well in that book I'd never heard that book but the one that Robert Alvarez read man I read just the description I was like holy shit like this is information people need to know you know I just want to smell his hand and out the door guys it's not a big deal I just bought it I got five or ten on the truck is no joke like why don't you borrow this over the weekend Mrs. Jones just get your morning coffee read about all Satan well you know what's funny is I haven't done this obvious leagues I just heard about the book, but I wonder what would happen if during all state negotiations if you just took a screenshot of the information that that book provides about the greed and the numbers and stuff like that if the homeowner sent it in what that would do, but you know the funny thing is they can do that with any company if you look at like Master craft and all those guys I mean if you dug deep enough you know then they're there is enough scummy things that every business owner has to do in the history of their company yeah all right it's all profit business you know what the problem is if you're going to deal with the company like you know all said oh you know Allstate where they're collecting you know I imagine since 2004 was the last time I read on that book thing they would think they collected some like 14 billion dollars in profit, and they're going after the taxpayers to pay their you know employee bonuses yeah I'm going I don't understand why you can't pay for reg cap it's $238 you asshole yeah but here lies the problem by not doing that one specific thing you know they save themselves you know let's say that they do you know for you know 1,400 claims in Colorado all alone the light at the last you know the last Bell or whatever they call it there was 277 lakh claimed made in just October well, and you look I say this all the time like the reason that adjusters have these ready to go rebuttals for the dumbest stuff like Ridge and start when you look at your average Ridge and starter claim it's literally anywhere between two hundred four hundred dollars most of the time on a twenty-five square house I mean it's not going to be that much but so we're like why is it why doing they give a shit but the point that you just made is something I share all the time when we talk about supplements is hail damage alone every year is a billion dollar a year industry just for hail claims so if your adjusters can shave off or get out of or excuse a way or objectify one percent of each claim that they write one percent that's a hundred dollars off of your average ten thousand dollar claim that...


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